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The Biggest Problem with Non-Organic Baby and Toddler Foods and Snacks

They say the first 3 years of your infant’s growth are the most important years for their full and adequate growth, development and well-being. This is the crucial stage where their diet determines how well the infant grows and feeds into learning. For any parent, their baby’s well-being is the most crucial factor determined with what they feed their little one – which is why there is the important decision to make between organic and non-organic foods for your baby. Organic food is highly preferred for nutrition and environmentally friendly factors that reduce environmental waste and chemical emissions. However, organic food tends to be more expensive with its benefits, which is why a significant percentage of parents tend to lean towards conventional non-organic produce which is easily accessible all year round for all seasons, well priced and in most cases is still as nutritious as organic produce. With non-organic baby and toddler food being a most preferred option, there is the undeniable fact that non-organic food tends to be associated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides – which becomes an argumentative measure between is organic better? 

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Conventional farming methods utilise pesticides to protect their crops from molds, insects and diseases. This means non – organic fruits and vegetables have a likelihood of a higher chemical content as compared to organic produce. This in turn can leave residue on non-organic produce making your infant vulnerable to exposure to chemical pesticides and other processed contaminants in their food. That ongoing exposure to the chemical residue can make your baby more vulnerable to potential health problems and at risk of neuro-development deficiencies due to the potential high chemical content. Organic fruits and vegetables however are free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides as they are grown and processed without these substances. 

So what is the major drawback with non-organic baby and toddler food? Both organic and non-organic baby and toddler food can carry the same nutrient content, both being healthy and delicious making them good for the baby’s development. The only greatest difference between the two is the farming procedures and processes to grow the produce, organic food has to be certified and labelled ‘organic’ adhering to a regulated organisation such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Organic has a variety of attractive positives for your baby’s food that include non – synthetic chemicals, more environmentally friendly, no added antibiotics and no genetically modified organisms.

As a parent the greatest and most important concern is your baby’s diet; is he or she getting adequate nutrients in the right amounts and quantities for sufficient growth and development? At the end of the day, it is the decision that you make as a parent for your little one. Both organic and non-organic produce carry the same benefit of nutrients, flavour and eating healthy. The greatest takeaway is to check the ingredients list on baby food as you purchase, does the list make you comfortable? Are the ingredients preferable for you and your baby’s health? These are just a few questions to help you decide the best decision for your infant’s diet.

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