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Sarah and Lori of Lineage Hemp – Your Lineage Is To Stay Grounded In Who You Are

Tell us about yourself? What are your products and what is the story behind the Lineage Hemp brand?

Sara – I am the CEO of Lineage Hemp. I got into this business with a desire to create regenerative systems which you will hear us talk about consistently throughout. I actually come out of the corporate world and worked a lot in healthcare and got frustrated overtime about how our healthcare system was working and how it was not working for us, and got more and more interested in how can we be our best selves and part of that goes into what you put into your body, both in food and whatever medicine you are using or not using and so that’s how I kinda got down this path of getting into all the good work we are doing around lineage hemp.

Lori – I am Lori, I have been with the company since the beginning and handle sales and marketing and any other administration that comes my way. I have been in sales all of my life having worked in the spirit and wine industry for about 20 years focusing mostly on innovation brand and then worked with a small start-up business here locally in Indianapolis which was a juice company. I helped launch them for 5 years as well and really just as I have continued to become older, I have found the importance of health and the health of our communities, whether that be the food that we eat, our awareness through the farming and the products that we put into our bodies and on our bodies, and so it’s been kinda nice to merge the two together.

Sara – Lineage came out of when we looked at where we begin and where we are going and the important piece to remember your lineage is to stay grounded in who you are and that can change over time. With the name Lineage, we like to give it a nod to how you got into being who you are. Lineage Hemp was really started from a concept of building regenerative systems and you hear a lot in the farming world about regenerative agriculture and that just means all the pieces and parts are working together to continue to improve so when you think about the word regenerative you say ‘well what is the opposite’, ‘what is degenerative?’. An example can be, if you are riding your bike and you fall and you scrap your knee and you got this ugly road rash, in a degenerative system that road rash that was really ugly on day 1 will look even worse on day 30. If you are in a sustainable system, that road rash on day 1 looks the same at day 30 and that’s not what we want; what we want is a regenerative system where we say on the road rash on day 1 looks pretty gnarly but on day 30 it’s almost gone, we continue to improve and then maybe at some point in your improvement you get to a point that you can sustain. But we think it’s too early in a bunch of these systems to be actually talking about sustainability and so Lineage came at the time when the 2008 farm bill was just legalising hemp in the United States. A lot of us were based in our corporate offices in Indianapolis, Indiana; that’s how we got to know a lot of Indiana farmers that we work with and these Indiana farmers just so happened to be approached by people from all over the country, telling them to come and grow this hemp product, you will make millions of dollars and hardly do any work and that’s not the way hemp works. It’s a new crop, a new system with all those pieces there’s a lot of opportunity, there’s alot of goodness in the hemp plant both from plant medicine and then there are other pieces of fiber and food that can come with it, and so we really formed ourselves in part to help those farmers how to alternate to their traditional corn and beef craft, and add something new in their system but then we have also had to think about what you put into your body and building regenerative systems and business systems is a big undertaking and it’s not something that we think of in a little light but with Lineage Hemp line of CBD products, we said we are gonna bring that regenerative story and that regenerative desire to each individual so that you can be your all so that you can continue to build a better self with the thought that the better we each are when we show up individually then it ripples out to our family, our friends, our larger community, the environment at large and it just keeps going from there.

Can you highlight to us what are the benefits of a Lineage Hemp product? Why would people want to use them?

Sara – When we talk about our Lineage Hemp CBD line, from the hemp plant there are over 113 different varieties what are called cannabinoids so like they are different parts, CBD is one of those cannabinoids and basically what CBD does is that it works with your body. So your body has something called the endocannabinoids system in it and it basically helps your body provide balance and homeostasis. So CBD from the hemp plant in both the canister form or the pain cream form, works with the body’s ability to function and heal, it comes in beside it and says ‘here you go’, so it can have a variety of different impacts and legally we are not allowed to tell you what exactly it does but we can tell you from all the people that use our product, they find the CBD calming, they find it balancing, it helps them with pain and inflammation, it helps them with recovery, it helps with anxiety, people feel like it supports their immune system, gives them energy, decreases pain and helps with mental clarity. And that CBD you can take in different forms, so we have the little terpene bottle you can ingest and basically what you do there is you put a dropper under your tongue and let is sit for a minute and it absorbs sublingually into your body. I put it in my tea in the morning or if you know you have something important to do and you know you are potentially going to be anxious about it, then you can take a dropper. In some cases, a lot of people will take it before they go to sleep at night because it has a feeling of almost like a down regulator where you just relax, as you can still fully function but with a little bit more clarity. The other product that we have that we get a lot of feedback on is the pain cream that comes in a jar just like a lotion or cream that you would rub onto your skin, and what that does is increases circulation in the area; so it increases blood flow, it soothes muscles, it has this cooling and warming comfort all at the same time so we have a lot of people that use that product when they have gone and worked out and they are sore from that or we have alot of people that use it if they have arthritis or regular chronic joint pain. We even have a couple of people that said it worked really well for them for migraines, so they will put it on the back of their neck when they feel a migraine or headache coming on and it relieves that stress and tension that they are having. 

Lineage Hemp Full Spectrum formula is nature at its best. Nothing added or subtracted, this formula uses the full-spectrum of cannabinoids working synergistically with compounds like protein, essential fatty acids, rich essential vitamins, and minerals.

Who is your target market? And what feedback do your customers say about the products?

Sara – What is interesting is we really have a target market of anybody that is interested in their health and wellbeing and wants to take steps to support that and to further it, and that can be man or woman from the age of 18 to 80 years. There are no age restrictions with who we look at and who we think can benefit, but it’s really those people that want to engage in life, participate in life, be active and be their best selves however they might define that for themselves, and CBD is a product that can come along and support that journey.

Lori – They are typically very health conscious and cognisant of what they are putting into their body and the great thing with our products are that they are plant based so it’s all natural, they are not putting anything chemically derived into their body and it follows along with what they are wanting to project throughout their way of life.

Sara – And think about it, if you get a good night’s sleep and then you go out and play a game of tennis or you sit down and have a conversation with your friend, you can function better in both of those after a good night’s sleep and so it really is that idea that great performance in whatever you want to do is born out of great recovery and the balance that we keep our body in its systems.

Lori – As mentioned, we want people that are interested in this and we on our end try to provide the best product and really responsibly source our ingredients whether we are growing the hemp ourselves or there are pieces in the product that we can start to support the broader ripple effect of those regenerative systems that we are looking to build.

Where do you see Lineage Hemp in the next 12 months to 2 years? Are you planning on adding new products? If so, what are they?

Sara – We are going keep you waiting on some of those on what we are working on but we will tell you that we have a road map for new products that we think will delight and surprise everybody and we are using not only our knowledge of plants and the CBD plants and integrating western medicine married together but also data as to what consumers want and what consumers need and are struggling with or looking for so that we meet that right need and marry those things in the market and we think it’s going be exciting and top worthy.

What do you like most about meeschell.com? How has the Lineage Hemp brand benefited from our platform?

Lori – I think initially what struck us was how similar and aligned our philosophies were from the natural aspect to eco-friendly, supporting women in business and being able to have a platform to tell your story and hear your story so it’s not just a bottle on a shelf, it’s being able to talk about why and how, and the reasoning behind it and the focus on self-care. Especially with the timeline of events over the past year being able to really talk about self-care, the importance of it and the importance of mental health and just being able to speak to the success that we have had if we all come together to help those that need a little bit more, and that community; embracing the community. So I think once we kind of saw the vision of how aligned a lot of those possibilities were, it was a natural fit.

Sara – Lori made a good point, that the community piece is huge for us. It’s not something that we can do by ourselves nor should we do by ourselves and so looking for those partners at this stage in the game that really are interested in walking the same path as we are is really important and we think its only to build momentum as we all continue to band together and help each other so we are excited about that.

Do you have any give back program that positively impacts your community?

Sara – We feel that everything we do is for community because we are providing people with good plant medicine, the support for them to engage in their lives and show up as their best selves which we talked about in that ripple effect. We also work with farmers on the back end of the sourcing of the CBD and hemp to grow in an environmentally friendly or environmentally beneficial way and part of what we feel strong about and working towards is having premium health, water health and human health as a defying measure instead of a percentage of the bottom line. As we sit here today, we don’t have a certain percent of the planet type of thing because we really feel everything we are doing is set around the people, our customers and the environment we are living in.

What key takeaway of your brand and journey would you like to share that can inspire someone taking on a new adventure or a new business?

Sara – I think that the key takeaway is to be your all and to be confident in that. To trust yourself to be willing to take the risk and to align yourself with people that are willing and able to support you on that journey 

Lori – I feel I always go back to just the connection with where we all began, the focus on farming, the land and the importance of local food and healthy food, plants and medicine that are grown to sustain us for the future, for our children’s future. It’s been great to see that shift back to what we are eating, what we are buying and the medicine we are taking so I love following natural health. 

Sara – It’s kind of the saying we have around here; “heal the planet, heal yourself”. It’s one of the core company policies.

Any positive affirmations that you live by that keep you motivated?

Sara – We talked alot about community and the meeshell platform and what we talk about alot around here as well is no longer approaching the world as survival of the fittest but instead survival of those that fit together so both on a micro level, to our own bodies, to the soil and the way that we relate to each other as family and friends, and neighbours and that larger community all the way to mother earth. And I think what we are trying to do is just do the next right thing.

As told to Tendai Kamusikiri


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