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This powerful time-released chemical exfoliator utilizes multiple acids that work deep within the skin to clear skin of imperfections. Combined with an amino acid complex that allows the acids to release over a time of 15 minutes, which takes away the usual discomfort that Glycolic and Lactic Acids can typically cause upon application. Revealing fresh, healthy-looking, clear skin within days. Eliminates dry flaking skin, clarifies skin tone, minimizes enlarged pores, smoothes coarse skin and fine lines. Helps to clear breakouts and acne and reduce blackheads and clogged pores. Giving you glowing, beautiful skin that is smooth as glass!.

Apply 1 pump on clean dry skin or after water-based serums, like Formula 28 Perfector and before moisturizer. You can use 1-2x a day depending on your skins tolerance, always start with 1x a day. Always apply SPF. 

- Glycolic Acid / Lactic Acid / Amino Acid complex ensures maximum AHA delivery with minimum discomfort. 

- Lichochalcone | powerful skin calming molecule from Chinese licorice. Targets the multiple causes of imperfections to deliver fast-acting results.

- Betaine salicylate/ Salicylic Acid.

- Spirea ulmaria | Extract of meadowsweet, an herb rich in skin calming and pore purifying phenolic acid and a natural skin-defense booster.

- Sodium hyaluronate | hydrator that binds up to 1000 times its weight in water to the skin.

- Zinc PCA | sebum-reducing zinc is combined with a hydrating delivery vehicle for maximum activity.

- Allantoin | powerful soothing molecule originally derived from comfrey root

- 1,3 beta glucan | patented Biological Response Modifier (BRM) from Baker’s yeast; challenges skin to correct itself.

- Panthenol / Provitamin B5 |  Delivers deep hydration.

 -Vegan Friendly.

- Parabens.
- Sulfates.
- Phthalates.

- Animal testing.