Lillie's of Charleston "HOT" Gift Box
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Lillie's of Charleston "HOT" Gift Box

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Lillie's of Charleston has pulled together our customer's favorite spicy items and put them in a single gift box. All of our products pack a ton of flavor while offer healthy attributes. Experience the "slow burn" of our top-selling "Low Country Loco" low sodium hot sauce, the sneaky heat of our award winning "Hab Mussy" mustard BBQ sauce and new "Hissy Fit" all-purpose, keto-friendly hot spice mix! All 3 bottles come in a shippable carton with handle.


  • One (1) "Low Country Loco" Hot Sauce: ierce taste combined with a whole lot of burn produced the Lillie's Low Country Loco Hot Sauce's unique blend. Surrounded by all that fire the full-bodied taste still comes through. For those of you who value heat as a priority, this one is bound to drive you LOCO. 


  • One (1) "Hissy Fit" All Purpose Spice: Lillie’s of Charleston artfully weaves the magic of spice & fire to create flavorful blends. Our “Hissy Fit” all purpose spice mix combo pack adds flavor to all kinds of proteins, seafood and vegetables. Adds a kick of flavor to any dish where you would use salt.


  • One (1) "Hab Mussy" Mustard BBQ Sauce:  The Lillie's Hab Mussy Mustard BBQ Sauce has added heat while maintaining the sweet-tangy flavor of our original Mustard BBQ sauce recipe. Lillie's of Charleston Hab Mussy recipe, the proud winner of the 2010 Scovie Award, is guaranteed not to disappoint. The initial sweetness and flavor quickly give way to a slow burn hot lovers will enjoy. Our users have coined the term “sneaky heat” to describe the taste of this sauce.

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Better For You attributes: 

  • 100% All-natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Hot sauce is low in sodium (only 40mg)
  • Keto friendly spices & Gluten-free
  • BBQ sauce is lower in sugar

Our slogan: ...May you never feel unwanted, unloved or hungry!

Lillie’s of Charleston offers the finest, authentic Southern recipes for sauces and spices to enhance any meal. When you want the best of Southern style delicacies for yourself, choose Lillie’s of Charleston’s distinctive sauces and spices. Here, we know that food is much more than sustenance…food is the flavor of life.