Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit
Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit
Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit
Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit
Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit
Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit
Melanie Mills Hollywood

Gleam Girl Gleam On The Go Gleam Face & Body Radiance Kit

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Take your Gleam on the GO!

Get 3X’s glamorous glow with the Gleam Girl Gleam Face & Body Radiance trio kit. Gleam Face & Body Radiance is a revolutionary all-in-one Makeup, Moisturizer & Glow you can use for face and body. Choose a shade that suits today’s mood or mix them up to customize your look. Tuck this threesome into your purse, makeup bag, or pro kit to get that lit from within glow wherever you go! The  Gleam Girl includes our three darker shades each in our 1oz/30ml size.

Rose Gold was the first shade Melanie developed, the shade that started it all. Rich rose color with deep golden undertones.

A Mediterranean pure liquid bronze with orange and olive undertones.

A unique rich golden chocolate shade with red undertones. 

Get glowing, sexy skin in an instant with Gleam Face & Body Radiance by Melanie Mills Hollywood! Gleam Face & Body Radiance is a revolutionary all-in-one Makeup, Moisturizer & Glow you can use for face and body. As head makeup artist on “Dancing With The Stars”, Melanie recognized there was a huge void in the market for high-quality, easy-to-use, good for your skin, body makeup that could also be used for the face. Gleam Face & Body Radiance was then born on the set and tested on the dancers and celebrities on live TV! Gleam Face & Body Radiance stands out from all other brands thanks to a high-pigment formula that provides instantaneous glowing color yet resists transfer. Unlike many competitive products, Gleam Face & Body Radiance has golden undertones and a soft, dry finish; it does not streak or stain. A shade for every skin tone, yet every skin tone can use each shade for different end results. Created for HD TV, Gleam Face & Body Radiance provides a flawless finish with no “flashback”, leaving skin radiant, youthful, and naturally flawless.

1 fl oz/30ml lasts about a month if just mixing into foundation or using as a primer every day. If just using on legs will get about 6-8 applications. For full body (in a bathing suit) will get about 4-6 applications. The 1oz size is great for face application, perfect for a pro or personal travel kit or to throw in your purse to refresh the tops of your hands after washing.


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★ For face: illuminating primer, mixing medium with foundation, eye shadow base, under-eye brightener and can be used as a highlight, to contour or to bronze up
★ Known as liquid pantyhose and
stunning for legs. Use anywhere on
the body to skin perfect, bronze or glow.

Skin Care Benefits
★ Hydrating moisturizer with Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera
★ Infused with Brown Seaweed for skin
tightening & Kalpurian for wrinkle filling
★ Vegan & Gluten-Free formula
★ Dermatology Tested

  • Easy to use! Don’t be intimidated by the color, because it’s a moisturizer too it just melts into the skin
  • Creates youthful radiant skin 
  • Your legs and skin will look better than ever! Get ready for skin compliments- they won’t stop!
  • It’s buildable. The more you use the more color & coverage you will get 
  • Mix up the shades. Create your own custom color by mixing any of the shades together 
  • Lighter shades don’t go ashy on darker skin tones and darker shades don’t look like a fake or bad tan on lighter skin tones 
  • Doesn’t get all over the place, if it happens to transfer a little, it doesn’t stain, usually, a baby wipe will take it out
  • Blurs & Diminishes discolorations and small varicose veins 
  • Cellulite diffuser 
  • Once dried looks natural 
  • Sensuous Vanilla Orchid Essence 
  • Noncomedogenic 
  • Formulated without gluten or parabens
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan 

For Face: Apply all your favorite moisturizers and serums first then with our MMH x Omnia MM01 Angled Face & Body Brush 

  • Apply as an under eye brightener
  • Apply as a primer
  • Mix Gleam in with foundation
  • Apply after makeup on top of cheek bones
  • Or do all of the steps for the ultimate glow

As an under eye brightener choose a lighter shade than skin tone to brighten under eyes, Melanie also loves to mix in with concealer too. 

As a primer choose a shade lighter than skin tone to get that “lit from within glow”

When mixing in with foundation choose a shade close to skin tone or to bronze a touch darker 

For extra glow and to add a gorgeous finishing touch dust on our Gleam Radiant Dusts

For Body: For full-body, apply our MMH x Omnia MM01 Angled Face & Body Brush or with hands. With using hands just work it in as your favorite lotion into any skin showing. Don’t forget the tops of hands. When done wash palms with soap & water. With using our MM01 brush apply product to brush and work in even seamless strokes. The brush is great to apply around clothing with its angled head and to get to hard to reach places. 

Get precise by applying just to key spots like décolletage, shoulders & cleavage. Or after full body application, apply a different shade to key spots on the body for added dimension. 

For extra color and glow dust on our Gleam Radiant Dusts

  • We recommend use on clean dry skin for maximum transfer resistance- remember it's a moisturizer too.
  • Stays on till washed off
  • Wash off with Soap and Water
  • For extra set -lock-in product with our Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray for Face & Body
  • This product is not waterproof
  • For pool or beach apply Gleam first, let set, then spray a waterproof sweatproof SPF on top. As long as you don’t rub at the product you’ll be set!.
  • For serious pro waterproofing mix in a bunch of drops of  Makeup Forever’s Aqua Seal - work fast with this mix as it will set quickly.

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