Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz - Meeschell
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz - Meeschell
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz
Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz
Alaska Glacial Essentials

Glacial Mineral Soap Bar | Face + Body + Shampoo + Shave, 4oz

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Suitable for the entire body, especially great as a face soap, shave soap and as a shampoo bar. Our handcrafted artisan cold-process glacial mineral soap bar is supercharged with Alaska glacial clay to remove tough dirt, exfoliate dead skin cells, detoxify pores, cleanse and help defend against breakouts. Incredibly rich lather, non-drying, divine smell. A masterpiece! Gentle and balanced for all skin types.


Natural, wild and certified organic ingredients. We never use synthetic fragrances, colors, fillers, propylene glycol, pthalates or parabens. No animal by-products or animal testing. Handcrafted using sustainably hand-carved glacial mud from the Copper River Delta. 10% profits donated to wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, environmental defense and education in the Copper River Watershed. 100% recyclable paperboard box.


ABC’s Shark Tank, Country Living, Organic Spa Magazine, Sunset, SELF, The Week, Pregnancy & Newborn, LUCKY, SHAPE, Conde Nast Traveler, Coastal Living, Woman’s World.

Saponified certified organic olive, coconut and palm oils – Super emollient oils for moisture-rich skin.
Glacial clay and silt – exfoliating and detoxifying natural deposit with more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements, including Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe that promote anti-aging, help skin hold moisture and form collagen resulting in radiant skin.
Goat’s Milk – contains natural proteins and triglycerides that are easily absorbed into the skin and over 50 nutrients including vitamins A, C and B-complex, minerals and other elements that nourish and rejuvenate dehydrated skin.

Saponified oils of extra virgin olive*, coconut* and palm*, goat’s milk, Alaska glacial mineral mud**, steam-distilled essential oils (depending on type)***^, vitamin e***. ^lavender and peppermint | lavender, bergamot, mandarin and lemongrass | THIEVES BLEND: eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary, clove and cinnamon | LIMITED EDITION: lavender, peppermint and rosemary *certified organic, **wild-crafted, ***plant-derived

For all skin types.  Lather up, apply everywhere including face, body and hair. Rinse well. Use daily.

CAUTION: We recommend patch testing. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, discontinue use, for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Glacier-fed water sources are naturally free of chemical toxins and manmade substances and contain a unique profile of minerals and other trace elements provided by Mother Nature, along with ideal measures of total dissolved solids, alkalinity and dissolved oxygen. This natural balance is the foundation for all animals and humans to thrive.

Many personal care products are water-based and most of those are made with ground water that has gone through an energy intensive purification process of removing toxins. These methods strip water of its structure and mineral content, causing it to become acidic, mineral void, and bio-chemically aggressive. The water is left empty and seeks to extract minerals and re-balance itself from whatever living system it occupies, including our skin. Glaciers are formed by compressed and recrystallized snow. Unlike biochemically treated distilled or purified water, Alaska glacier water’s physical hexagon structure is uninterrupted. It is naturally alkaline and full of minerals, ions and trace elements with strong molecular coherence. The active polarizing water molecules archive and transfer information helping products to penetrate skin and resonate with energetic vibrations of cells to boost skin hydration and vitality. All Alaska Glacial products are made with Alaska glacier water and include well-known anti-aging, brightening and anti-wrinkle ingredients backed by scientific Korean (K-beauty) research, combined with our △rctiplex concentrate. We call it AK-beauty. The △rctiplex concentrate showcases a blend of sustainably sourced blueberries, lingonberries, lupine seed oil and chaga mushroom that deliver a potent boost to functional ingredient that leave skin cleansed, primed, toned, nourished and moisturized for your next adventure.

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