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Detox Tea

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The Instant Colonic Detox Tea blend from Pennie’s Tea is the excellent paring of herbs and mint.

This tea is the blend of all tea blends. This lovely loose tea was design with you in mind. Losing weight can be challenging, suffering from IBS and constipation can be rough, and a build-up of toxins and waste can only further damage your health.

Want to lose weight, feel less bloated and rejuvenate your body; Instant Colonic Tea is for you. You can lose up to 10 pounds in a week. This tea is delicious hot or cold at any time of day or night. Become a believer today. This tea comes with a complete one-week weight loss plan and a free tea infuser to aid you in reaching your goals.

– Helps purify the blood
– Natural laxative and diuretic
– Helps intestinal bombshell
– Alleviates upset stomach
– Assists with tension
– Helps sleep deprivation
– Relieves mouth ulcers
– Helps skin aggravations
– Beats bad breath
– Aids in digestion
– Relieves water retention
– Reduces obesity
– Protects and fights against cancers
– Relieves menstrual problems
– Protects against Alzheimer’s Disease
– Helps with digestion
– Helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
– Relieves gas and heartburn
– Aids in weight loss (speeds up the metabolism and feeling full for longer)
– Improves skin health
– Anti-inflammatory agent
– Treats gout
– Treats rheumatism and parasites
– Treats acne
– Stimulates production of red blood cells
– Helps respiratory disorders
– Alleviates symptoms from liver dysfunction

Plan A is used over a one-week period. Eat only fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Plan B is used over a two-week period or at your leisure. Eat only fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Buckthorn Bark, Cascara Sagrada, Chamomile, Fennel, Ginger Root, Papaya Leaf, Peppermint, Senna Leaf, Stevia, Black Walnut, Pau’d Arco Bark, Star Anise, Dandelion Root, Chickweed Herb, Husks

Do not use the product if you are pregnant.