Beanie for Baby - Meeschell
Beanie for Baby - Meeschell
Beanie for Baby - Meeschell
Beanie for Baby - Meeschell
Blara Organic House

Beanie for Baby

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Baby's natural beanie with elegant checker ribbon.

  • Fabric: Double Jersey (100% organic cotton,)
  • Contrast: Sueded Oxford (100% organic cotton)
  • Designed in Canada

Organic Cotton

  • Our products are made with you, your family, and our planet in mind! The cotton used in our collections is certified organic by GOTS, which guarantees that our fabrics must be produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically engineered seeds.

Natural Dye

  • Using plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal products we are able to dye our fabrics without adding any harmful chemicals. This innovative technology is good for you, your loved ones, and our planet!

The cotton used in our garments is certified Organic by The Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). From the harvesting of raw materials, through garment processing up to labeling, our processes are ensured to meet the global organic textile standards.

No chemical pesticides in the process of growing cotton. No added chemical stabilizers for the natural dyeing process.

Blara's plant dyes come from natural Chinese herbal medicines including Radix, Turmeric, and Tibetan Fruit. These herbs have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-UV, and other similar benefits for humans. Besides, the dyeing process is chemical free and the resulting heavy metal content is much lower than North American and EU standards. Noteworthily, Blara's blue dye is extracted from Radix root, which can resist many types of viruses according to authorized Japanese experimentation.

The fabrics produced by organic cotton are soft, breathable and absorptive, which is much better than ordinary cotton fabric and wears like a second layer of skin with no confine.

In addition, plant-dyed fabrics can reduce skin discomfort caused by normal fabrics and are less prone to allergies, asthma or eczema.

At Blara, the average design time for a garment is 90 days. It takes more than 3 revisions and 5 model fittings for the garment to reach its finest state and to be presented to customers.

Blara's infant clothing line is finely tuned to perfectly fit the baby’s different stages of growth.

We apply several sewing details to our designs such as flat felt seam and flatlock seam on most garments in order to compromise a baby’s delicate skin and to allow completely free movements.

Blara's founder is an ordinary mother who holds true and great love like all the mothers in the world. We offer the most suitable clothing for children as well as a green lifestyle.

Plant a green seed into your child’s vision, and let our city integrate with love.

Blara walks in a path named after love which leads to the future..