No more Germs/ No More Bugs Bundle
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No more Germs/ No More Bugs Bundle

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No More Germs Hand Sanitizer bundled with or No More Bugs Deet Free Mosquito Repellant.  Makes a great pair to send with your camper in 2 oz travel sizes.

Organic Chix Hand Sanitizer Spray is created from our 100% Pure Essential Oils, which it is proven to attack all germs. Our Hand Sanitizer Spray will defend against airborne germs when sprayed directly on hands and on surfaces we come in contact with. Our Hand Sanitizer Spray is perfect for traveling and for those with kids on the go!

Feel good when instantly smashing germs. Alcohol-free, cruelty-free, and germ-free silky smooth hands. Organic Chix products work on a refill program to help reduce and reuse bottles. Look for the convenient refill pouches and leave your bottle at home.

Organic Chix No More Bugs Spray will repel mosquitos and flies while leaving a nice aromatherapy smell behind.  Our formula is DEET Free using 100% essential oils to deter those pesky mosquitos leaving your skin soft without a oily film.   

GOOD FOR YOU GOOD FOR THE WORLD: We are committed to reducing carbon footprint through biodegradable, cruelty-free vegan products. For extra eco-friendly points, try our green refillable pouch packs to reduce bottles!