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Baata Natural Spring Water



The spring water Baata is perfectly and naturally balanced. A very important thing about water is its pH level. In most cases the waters pH level is between 6.5 and 7.2, for spring water Baata it is 8.0. The spring water Baata is bottled at the source and without any treatment (no filtration, no UV lights, etc). Baata offers both still and sparkling water. Main components of spring water Baata:

K+ < 2 mg/l HCO3- < 222 mg/l
Mg2+ < 14mg/l Ca2+ 59 mg/l
Na+ 4.2 mg/l SO42- < 10 mg/l
Cl- < 10 mg/l


The natural clear-spring Lielbata is the largest in Latvia and one of the rare clear-springs in Northern Europe known for its  biologically active and properly structured water. The flow in the spring is even and powerful in both summer and winter, and also water’s temperature is constant irrespectively of the time of day or season – around + 6 °C. The clear-spring is situated in ecologically clean environment. The water flows out and every visitor can verify the power of the spring. Water comes from underground pools with the capacity of 40 litres per second.
Bata, a historical name of the spring location, was first mentioned in historical sources in 1253, when it was referred to in a contract on the division of Courland concluded by the Livonian Order and Bishopric of Courland. In 1822 the former Vainode or Lielbata Manor House was built near the spring by the noble von der Osten-Sacken family. Bata was not selected
by chance, von der Osten-Sacken family chose this place because of the natural, clear and healing environment and the remarkable clear-spring found near the manor-house-to-be.

The natural spring water is bottled in 0.25–1.5 liter bottles. It meets the highest water quality standards. The water quality is approved by a water quality certificate of quality issued by State Food and Veterinary Service.

In 2016 Batas avots Ltd obtained a certificate of conformity with an extended certification area in the food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard LVS EN FSSC 22000.

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16.9 oz Kids, 6 pack, 16.9 oz Spring Water, 6 pack, 25 oz Sport, 6 pack, 1 Liter Spring Water, 6 pack, 1.5 Liter Spring Water, 6 pack


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