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Let's Build this Together! 

We are a community of savvy business owners with quality products that are coming together to offer our customers a 'one stop shop' marketplace for everything natural, organic and eco-friendly. 

Partnering with us is easy. 

The first step is completing the registration form below.

Once approved, you will be provided portal access that will allow you to create your product page(s), track sales, ship to customers, and much more. 

Meeschell requires 20% per unit sold or your wholesale cost, whichever is applicable. Marketing packages and add-ons will be made available and will be optional. 

Your patience is appreciated! We have a high number of brand partners consistently on boarding so the turn around time for set up is about two weeks. We will accommodate you as quickly as possible.


1. When did this site go live? June 1st, 2020...and we are off to a great start! We have a robust marketing plan that's driving traffic & sales, reaching media and influencers, increasing engagement on social media, and more!

2. Once I register, then what happens? My team will review your application  and confirm via email if you are approved to sell and/or if we have further questions. The most important thing we consider - are you products considered natural, organic or eco-friendly. Ingredients and/or certifications provide that insight. Once approved, you will be provided portal access where you will add your products accordingly, manage sales, chat with customers and more.

3. What if I have trouble adding my products? No worries. We are here to assist. Simply email me at Please note, we can see all products added...and will review each before making live on the site. 

4. How will I know when I get a sale? You will received an email...and it will appear in your sellers portal under Manage Sales

5. How does Meeschell pay me for units sold? Meeschell takes 20% off the sub-total + applicable taxes, then passes the remaining funds + shipping to you. If we have a wholesale pricing agreement with you, this will not apply. Please inquire for more details.

6. Do I ship my orders?  You will be responsible for shipping your orders and providing a tracking number in your sellers portal. Once added, the customer automatically gets an email providing delivery information. My team can manage inventory and ship on your behalf for a monthly fee + applicable shipping cost pending the type of product you have. Fulfillment by Meeschell will be available in 2021 to all sellers.

7. How do I determine my shipping fee? I suggest charging a flat fee or providing free shipping. My team will work with you to set up. Keep in mind, customers will often abandon a cart when shipping cost is high. 

8. How do I offer discounts? Any discounts you want to offer can be set up by my team. Email me with the offer, expiration date, and what specific products it applies to and we'll take care of the rest.

9. Do I get to communicate with customers or is this managed by Meeschell? You can chat with your customers in your sellers portal. However, all marketing and sales communication will come from Meeschell.

10. Can we do any marketing for Meeschell? Yes, we would love that! Social media posts/stories would be appreciated. Co-branding opportunities are always welcome! We rely upon you to be our influencers!

11. Do you offer marketing through Meeschell? Yes! Marketing packages and add on options are available to include public relations, social media, advertising, and more. Please inquire for details.

For more specifics, please feel free to watch this short video.

If you have questions or would like to chat, please feel free to email me at

Thank you! We look for partnering with you!