Meet Meeya | The GreenCo.


Hi, I’m Meeya, Founder and CEO of The GreenCo. 

Let me start by saying – I’m a HUGE advocate for greener living. The amount of waste that’s dumped into our ocean…onto our land…that isn’t recyclable needs to change. If you follow me on Instagram @the.greenco, my posts align with what we can do as a society and a community to help this effort. 

My products are no different. As a young entrepreneur, just starting about a year ago, I took my love for beauty and the environment to give you products that are sustainable. Instead of reaching for that face towel, I have created recycled pads that can be used day and night, tossed in the washer that you will find both convenient and soft on your skin. 

I have many more in the works…so please check back often!

Together, we can make a difference!

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