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“A mother and her daughter were having a walk alongside a river. The little girl asked: “Mommy, why are fishes over there flipped upside-down?”

The mother looked around, the sewage being released into the river, then said: “because they drank polluted water and got sick.”

The little girl thought for a moment and asked again: “can we clean the water by adding nice smelling flowers, then fishes won’t get sick?”

The mother was inspired by her little girl’s kindness and ingenuous thoughts. Since then, the mother has set the goal of making the world an environment-friendly place.”

This mother is Blara Organic House’s founder --- Ann, An

The "B" in Blara refers to the shape of a pregnant mother, carrying the meaning of the starting point of all lives; "LARA" is taken from the names of Ann's two children: Lavina and Ranger, valuing the care mothers give to their children.

Blara's objective is to provide all families with the safest and most natural care.

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