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Let’s Talk About Feeding Your Baby Organic Formula

A healthy baby is a well-fed baby; whether the option is natural breast milk from the mother or taking the option of baby formula, or combining both breastfeeding and formula feeding. The most important factor for any parent is that your baby is happy, healthy and well-fed. If you are considering trying organic baby formula for your baby as the only option or you are looking to switch between breastfeeding and formula feeding, then this might just be the perfect read that you need to give you an introduction to organic baby formula.

Going organic is increasingly becoming a preferred lifestyle choice for many individuals and households because organic means healthy, less chemicals and a much better nutritious food choice. The same goes for organic baby formula; there is the benefit of your baby’s health being nutritious and enriching as you watch your little one grow. The big question here is how do you go organic, especially when natural breastmilk is highly recommended as the best nutrient choice for your baby and conventional baby formula is what most of us grew up on. In some cases, organic and conventional baby formulas can carry the same nutritional value. 

Happy Baby Organic – Organic Instant Formula, Stage 1 made with organic lactose, prebiotics, and key vitamins and minerals. Our Stage 1 formula is modeled after breast milk, so you can confidently nourish your little one’s first year of life. See our Stage 1 Organic Infant Formula Feeding Instructions for help.

The answer herein lies in the back chain of organic produce in particular cow’s milk, goat’s milk and soy milk that is free from chemicals, GMOs or any residue of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The main takeaway with organic simply means the manufacture and processes of the finished products are made using organic farming processes and procedures that have increased levels of biodiversity that preserve natural resources and animal welfare. In a nutshell, organic farming processes include crop rotation, compost manure and rotational grazing, to name a few; all of which have a positive influence on your health in the long run because organic farming promotes natural and eco-friendly procedures of manufacture. So what does this mean for your baby? It means they get the best nutritional value that is free of chemical residues from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that can be found in conventional formula. This in turn has a positive influence on your baby development, diet and health to which as a parent these are the top priority for you.

The greater security that comes with organic baby formula is the confidence factor that it is regulated with appropriate governing authorities to certify the ingredients and any added preservatives as organic. That safety assurance will help you to decide which product is best for your baby and at what stage. Most organic formulas have FDA approved synthetic preservatives that label the product organic and suitable for your baby. For an organic product or produce to be organic, it has to have at least 95% of its ingredients all organic which means the cow’s milk and accompanying prebiotics and probiotics have fewer traces and residues of chemicals, GMOs and synthetic fertilizers that can potentially harm your baby’s development due to the high content of harmful chemicals in his or her’s diet. 

Happy Baby Organic – Organic Instant Formula, Stage 2 modeled after breast milk. Our Stage 2 formula is tailored to evolving nutrition needs for babies 6–12 months old, with no corn syrup solids, higher levels of key vitamins and minerals, and milk from cows raised on organic farms. See our Stage 2 Organic Infant Formula Feeding Instructions for help.

As a parent this means choosing the right organic formula brand for your baby is key from the beginning as your baby will grow with that brand from an infant to a toddler. If you decide to go organic for your baby, consider the ingredients. Read the label and understand what is in the product and how your baby can benefit from the formula. Research if it is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved product and if the ingredients listed are labeled 95% organic. Pick a quality brand that your baby can grow with, one that is easily accessible as organic is relatively much more expensive than conventional formula. Happy Baby Organic Instant Formula offers stage 1 formula from birth to 6 months, stage 2 formula from 6 to 12 months and a full stage 1 formula from birth to 12 months that caters to baby with a sensitive tummy. This not only allows your baby to grow with a consistent product but as a parent it gives you the confidence that your baby is getting the best nutritional value right up until they are a healthy, bouncy toddler. Remember to consider a brand that fits within your price range, as you allow the same brand to grow with your baby because you wouldn’t want to change your baby’s formula due to accessibility or pricing in the future. These are just some of the factors to consider when looking into an organic formula for your little one.

At the end of the day, an organic formula is a choice that best suits the parent and what they feel is the best for their baby. The recommended advice by practitioners is breastfeeding your baby for the first 6 months, thereafter the choice comes between choosing organic formula or conventional formula for your baby’s health and development. The greatest piece of advice is to research the ingredients list and what organic formula brand will suit your baby’s needs. Some brands are entirely organic whilst others are partially organic depending on FDA approval and ingredients upon manufacturer. Research thoroughly and find the best brands that suit your baby. 

Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Sensitive Organic Infant Formula has been thoughtfully created for babies from 0–12 months with sensitive bellies, our Stage 1 Sensitive formula provides a complete nutrient blend with lactose-reduced by 75% to ease occasional fussiness and gas. See our Stage 1 Sensitive Organic Infant Formula Feeding Instructions for help.


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