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5 Reasons Why You Need To Exercise At Least 30 Minutes Everyday

Let’s be honest, how frequent do you move in a week? And we are not talking about the movement of walking but we are talking about the movement of exercise. Yes, getting your body to move and active for at least 30 minutes a day. When we talk of exercise we tend to relate it to weight loss and diet but in this post we are talking about physical activity as a way of life. The benefits of exercise for your body are endless – it improves your mood for the whole day, it helps in aiding your digestive system, improves your mental health and allows you to be sharp and alert throughout the day. So we are going to share the 5 good reasons why you need to exercise at least 30 minutes everyday and debunk the mystery around exercise only being reserved for weight loss.

1. Improve Your Memory and Brain Function

Remember how physical activity was a mandatory extracurricular activity when you were in pre-school, straight into high school and then college. We had tons of sporting activities to choose from; basketball, volleyball, running and swimming. As much as you may or may have not enjoyed, you did some sporting activity at some point in your youth and for a reason too. Well exercise improves your brain function and memory. Our brains take in alot of information whether from home, work or as we socialize; exercise is a great outlet that lets your brain relax and declutter as you move and de-stress from the busyness of life. As your body is moving it increases the blood flow that improves your mood which in turn improves your memory and allows you to function better. Which moves us right to our next point.

2. Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Heart Health

All that movement and adrenaline pumping through your system, moving through the heart improves your heart’s health thereby reducing any cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases and illnesses in the future. As your heart is healthy so are your bones, muscles and skin; further improving your overall well-being.

3. Improves Your Quality of Sleep

Exercise is a natural healer for many ailments and illnesses in our fast-paced world. With constant social media, a busy schedule and all the commitments we seem to have; no wonder we sometimes lose lack of sleep. Exercise is a natural remedy that improves the quality of your sleep. As you move and allow your body to be physically active, the outcomes of your daily workout will reduce daytime drowsiness and fatigue which allows you to sleep better when night time comes.

4. Reduces Feelings of Anxiety and Depression

Exercise is a great source to naturally boost your mood and increase your energy levels. This is achieved in the movement and physical activity that boosts blood flow to the brain as it travels through your heart and the rest of the body. This triggers the release of happy, good feeling chemicals in the brain – serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins and dopamine that dull pain, lighten your mood and relieve stress – making you happier and more alert. A moderate or vigorous regular exercise session can alleviate anxiety and reduce the risk of depression. Not only does exercise have great physical benefits, but it improves your psychological and emotional well-being.

5. Exercise will help you recover from Pain and Illnesses

Exercise has natural healing effects and benefits for your body. Physical activity is recommended for physiotherapy and any sort of regular movement does wonder to the human body. Physical exercise alone has been known to prevent and manage many health problems and concerns that include diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, chronic pain in adults and many types of cancers. Physical activity helps the body in many ways by actively improving bone health, strengthening your muscles, improving your mental health and protecting your organs whilst improving your overall well-being.

As you choose to exercise and better your life, remember to choose an exercise regimen that works for you because there are a variety of exercise regimens and routines to pick from. Either walking, running or a physical sport to intense physical activity in the gym which may allow you to commit to a trainer. As you exercise, drink ample amounts of water before you begin your exercise, as well as during and after your workout. Try to make exercise an everyday lifestyle choice by setting aside 30 minutes each day to get your body moving and into good physical shape.


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