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Masami Natural Hair Products
The ultimate in botanically hydrated hair
MASAMI’s clean formulations give your hair massive levels of botanical hydration without weighing it down. MASAMI is formulated with our wonder ocean botanical, Mekabu, and other “good-for-you” ingredients such as japonica laminaria, blueberry extract, aloe & grapeseed oil.
And, importantly, nothing bad: No phthalates, sulfates or parabens. MASAMI is high performing and luxurious feeling and works for every hair type.
Always vegan and cruelty free.
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Experience the essence of California!
Fog & Tree
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It's about time! I needed this site sooo bad! I've been buying natural for years but sourcing variety and quality takes a lot of time! Customer for life :)

Paula M., Seattle, WA

I don't know what I like better...the products all being women owned or that it caters to people like me who want a more holistic lifestyle. Great job! Site is beautiful!

Sara P., Chicago, IL

Very happy to be selling my products on Meeschell! As a beauty brand owner, its hard to build a brand and get noticed when you have a natural/organic product.  This is going to be an amazing experience for me personally & professionally. #blessed

Jennifer T., New Jersey